by Donald R. Hammons, MBA and Alexis Panagides

With the disruption of the Colonial Pipeline, we are reminded (yet again)of our vulnerability as a nation to cyber-attacks despite continual increases in cybersecurity spending. As breaches set new records, it’s time to re-examine our failed strategies and pursue more fundamental approaches.

May 2021 — Colonial Pipeline falls victim to ransomware, severely impacting fuel distribution across the Eastern United States

The Colonial Pipeline security breach is yet another indication that ill-intended actors will stop at nothing to achieve their aims. In this case, the ransomware attack may have cost the firm over $4 million, with the parallel reputational damage and national security risks also applicable. As a spinoff of the…

By Donald R. Hammons and Alexis Panagides

Something is amiss. Investments in cybersecurity increase year over year, as do the number and severity of data breaches. The way we approach the cybersecurity problem needs to be rethought. “Better” security practices and tools aren’t getting us better security. The problem is deeper and related to how we use technology itself.

Our vital data is everywhere, uncontrolled, and undefended.

Content that lives everywhere is not valuable anywhere. Per yet another U.S. Cybersecurity and Information Security Agency (CISA) mandate, agencies in the Federal Government are once again directed to either update their legacy Microsoft Exchange infrastructure or disconnect those systems from…

Insights from an Email Content Management & Security Perspective

by Donald R. Hammons & Alexis Panagides

In our collaborative world, strategies to secure the enterprise must consider the sensitive data sent outside our organizations. External breaches become our breach. We're all in it together!

Enterprises and U.S. Public Sector agencies are laser-focused on digital transformation and Future of Work initiatives. The pandemic has accelerated the need for enterprise-wide adoption of cloud-enabled digital-first collaboration solutions. …

By Donald R Hammons, CCO at mxHero Inc.

As global organizations pursue digital transformation, a key challenge is balancing security and organizational agility while minimizing process friction and risk.

We’ve always been amazed at the fluid movements of those in our culture who have mastered the art of parkour. While the name itself might not be familiar to some, most have seen parkour in the action movies of late, spanning from the James Bond series to the Mission Impossible franchise and even some examples in the Jason Bourne movies of late. Parkour itself is a widely held training discipline using…

Email is the number one threat in the enterprise because of core design flaws that inflame today’s cybersecurity landscape. MxHero fixes email by merging it with modern cloud content management platforms without disrupting the end-user.

by Alexis Panagides & Donald R. Hammons

MxHero moves email content into cloud content platforms

mxHero is on a mission. In the last decade, we have been dedicated to changing how the most pervasive file-sharing technology in the world works. We’re changing Email.

Like anything truly worth doing, it is a monumental task, but the rewards will benefit everyone. The challenge is great. Email is a massive monster, weighing in at 4 billion…

by Donald R. Hammons & Alexis Panagides

The enterprises of tomorrow will need to simultaneously adopt strategies that achieve both human collaboration and enterprise security aims.

San Francisco, CA (USA) January 4th, 2021

When content lives everywhere, it is inherently insecure and less valuable. A rudderless approach to content management, collaboration, and security are no longer viable, it limits innovation, and frankly — it is a security threat. …

In the wake of one of the most severe breaches of US Government networks, are we going to continue believing that we're just a software patch away from data security? Are we going to continue to ignore simple yet proven strategies for protecting data? It’s time to face the data and facts (aka reality) and act accordingly to protect our organizations and nation from attack.

Once again, and this time at an unprecedented scale, major US government and potentially private networks have been compromised. This is just one more, albeit major, breach in the continual stream of breach events that…

We continue our data-driven exploration of the unseen risks of email using mxHero’s Calculator, this time examining data risk resulting from email content sprawl.

Second in a series showcasing results of the mxHero ROI Calculator

In our last posting, we took a closer look at the mxHero ROI Calculator’s estimate of accidental file deliveries resulting from emails with address errors. This article focuses on one of the most startling estimates, namely data sprawl caused by email. As we have written before, email’s architecture duplicates content with viral efficiency. This is because email and its embedded file attachments are replicated at every stage in the delivery chain. …

A new tool that combines available data with your organization’s metrics reveals your data risk due to accidental email deliveries.

First in a series showcasing results of the mxHero ROI Calculator

Over most of the last decade, mxHero has worked at the intersection of email and cloud storage services (e.g., Box, Egnyte, OneDrive, etc.). During this time, we have published research regarding the impact of email on corporate security, governance, productivity, and cost savings. One of our focus areas has been on the effects of email attachments on data risk and cybersecurity.

Often overlooked as innocuous, email attachments are anything but. In a world reeling with challenges, cybersecurity proves elusive and…

The best and most overlooked action for robust cybersecurity might be the least expensive

The new DarkSide ransomware is considered the “perfect product” by its creators. The increasing sophistication of attackers challenges even the best-defended organizations.

Among the many challenges organizations face in 2020, cybersecurity (or the lack thereof) has dominated the news cycle. Ultra-sophisticated criminals are penetrating every type and size of company. In a recent article from Forbes, yet another threat has emerged from what seems to be a highly experienced crew who claim their latest ransomware, “DarkSide,” is the “perfect product.” According to the article, the group has already netted $1M in just two weeks.

A confluence of increased digitization, criminal impunity, and a dramatic increase in remote work…

Alex Panagides

CEO MxHero Inc.

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