America Under Fire — US Gov. Solarium Cybersecurity Report Sounds The General Alarm

“Our country is at risk, not only from a catastrophic cyberattack but from millions of daily intrusions disrupting everything from financial transactions to the inner workings of our electoral system.” … “The reality is that we are dangerously insecure in cyber.” - US Government Cyberspace Solarium Commission (March 2020)

What makes the report a particularly important read is its ‘whole-of-nation’ perspective. When looking at cybersecurity, it is hard to get out of the trees and see the forest. Daily news details the latest attacks, strategies, precautions and organizations breached — the tactical minutiae of an ongoing war updated battle by battle. The Solarium report takes a step back and looks at the strategic theater in a way only a federal government can. What looks like brush fires close up, when viewed from geosynchronous orbit, is terrifying — a nation ablaze across all its sectors, private and public, with little defending its citizens under continual assault. Over the horizon, great and regional powers (e.g. China, Russia, Iran, North Korea, private actors) leverage their cybernetic weapons with near impunity, targeting American institutions and infrastructure, robbing intellectual property, stealing national productivity and resources. The report reads like a thriller, if only it were fiction.

We can’t protect what we don’t control and email attachments make our data completely uncontrollable.

The Cybersecurity Solarium Commission has done the nation a great service. Their report can raise awareness, serve as a focal point, a clarion call and guide to collective action. In a time defined by bitter bi-partisanship, the report is a reminder that the political aisles that divide us are under one roof. The cyber threat is tangible, documented, happening, getting worse and affects all Americans. Before any political affiliations, it is a reminder that above all else, we are Americans. As the report highlights, we can only win if united — our companies, public organizations and private citizens. The strategy is clear: 1) shape behavior, 2) deny benefits, and 3) defend forward. Simple actions like replacing attachments with file links will fundamentally alter the topology of the digital battlefield by denying our opponents the information they need to wreak maximum damage. Come together America — no more email attachments.

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