Beyond Zip File Attachments: PPAP Deprecation & the Future of Work for Enterprise and Agency Digital Collaboration

Flow diagram of the PPAP process. Files sent through email are "protected" within ZIP encrypted archives. A secondary email sends the zip password to the recipient.
  • Information security risks pertaining to security breaches given standard ZIP file encryption is extremely insecure.
  • Little or no file version management, ownership retention of digital assets, or collaboration capabilities once a digital owner transmits the files.
  • Perimeter defense systems often flag ZIP files as suspicious, and no file preview capability exists for recipients creating malware or ransomware attack surfaces from ill-intended actors. For the files within the ZIP, software may be challenged to detect embedded virus payloads.
  • Content sprawl proliferation, as ZIP files are opened, content can be forwarded, saved to myriad and often unsecured devices.
  • Passwords allowing access to the ZIP file (even if sent via separate email communication) represent little security for firms. An email system breach will give access to both the ZIP file and the access password.
  • Attachment payloads represent a security threat and contribute to global CO2 emissions [cite], impacting both the sustainability and the enterprise security aims of agencies and firms.
mxHERO Mail2Cloud real-time capture security diagram. Email attachments are automatically moved into the user’s secure content cloud storage. A self-expiring, password-protected link is sent to the recipient. The process improves upon the PPAP model by removing the need for sender effort (upload and secure link creation are automated), allowing for very large attachment delivery & tracking, enabling on-demand access revocation, and by making file access time-limited which ensures that even upon a breach event or email mishandling, all links and their content remain inaccessible after the expiration period. By ensuring that files are replaced by links to those files secured in the content cloud, organizations maintain full control of digital assets even after their emails are delivered.

CEO MxHero Inc.

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Alex Panagides

Alex Panagides

CEO MxHero Inc.

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