Box Sign Made Super Simple with mxHERO Mail2Sign

Alex Panagides
3 min readMar 15, 2023


Box Sign is now included within most Box subscriptions. For many organizations, training, and mobility are the only impediments to its widespread adoption. mxHERO Mail2Sign removes those barriers by making Box Sign as simple as sending an email.

mxHERO Mail2Sign turns email into a BoxSign eSignature event

Electronic signatures have become increasingly popular as more companies opt for digital documentation. One relative newcomer in the eSignature industry is Box Sign, a product of Box. Box Sign shook the market by offering eSignatures at no additional cost for its users — representing significant cost savings vis-a-vis competing eSignature solutions like DocuSign. However, although Box Sign is free to most Box subscribers, it doesn’t mean everyone will know how to use it. For many companies, adoption challenges will limit the benefits of Box Sign in the organization. Furthermore, Box Sign has some limitations, like the inability to send a document for eSignature from a mobile phone.

Thankfully, mxHERO has created a solution to overcome these challenges — Mail2Sign. One of the most significant advantages of mxHERO Mail2Sign is its ease of use. eSignature solutions often require training and support to be fully adopted within a company. However, mxHERO Mail2Sign seamlessly integrates Box Sign with email, a tool that most employees are already familiar with. Mail2Sign connects in the background with the email server, requiring no installation by end-users, and works equally well across all devices. Employees no longer need specific software or tools to sign documents electronically. Instead, they can simply use their email account to request signatures. Box Sign user adoption is much simpler since anyone in the organization can use email, regardless of their technical abilities.

mxHERO Mail2Sign allows users to send documents for eSignature with Box Sign using standard email. With Mail2Sign, users can request eSignatures simply by sending documents as email attachments and putting a Mail2Sign keyword in the email’s subject line. Users can even initiate Box Sign eSignatures without email attachments using mxHERO Mail2Sign rules that load pre-defined documents stored in Box. This innovative solution simplifies the eSignature process and enables companies to take full advantage of the benefits of Box Sign.

Video demonstration of BoxSign with mxHERO Mail2Sign

Because mxHERO Mail2Sign works with standard email, another significant advantage of Mail2Sign is its compatibility with various systems like ERPs, CRMs, and web forms — all of which possess native email integration. By using email, systems can quickly initiate Box Sign eSignature requests. For example, a web form that sends a waiver can now send the waiver for a legally binding signature through Box Sign simply by emailing through Mail2Sign. This integration allows for more efficient and streamlined workflows, reducing the need for manual input and saving time for employees.

Webform to eSignature is a common integration. mxHERO Mail2Sign makes it easy with Box Sign. Click here for a live demo of one such integration using a Google Form & Zapier to send an email through Mail2Sign.

Read this post for a 5-step how-to for creating your own Form to BoxSign integration!

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