Content Management Strategies with leveraging Box and mxHero

  • Linking Box content with specific Salesforce records including custom objects
  • Viewing files stored in Box directly within the Salesforce U/I
  • View, Edit, Comment and collaborate around key artifacts and assign tasks to team members
  • Real-time monitoring of customer activity including content downloads
  • Expand the app eco-system by leveraging DocuSign, Chatter and other solutions directly from within the Box widget
  • Customize the integration between Salesforce and Box to support workflow automation, AI-ML solutions via the Box for Salesforce Developer Toolkit
  1. Some content is relevant to the users who leverage Salesforce;
  2. Some content is relevant and ubiquitous in nature in that all business units could and should benefit from an organization-wide enterprise cloud content management framework; and
  3. Email — it is ubiquitous, all users have it and some studies show that as much as 40%-50% of an enterprise’s relevant content is actually in process within email which presents a whole set of new challenges for CIOs who aim to benefit from the cloud while at the same time being concerned about security, governance and workflow enablement.
MxHero Intelligent Routing
Collateral Benefits of mxHero + Box + Salesforce



CEO MxHero Inc.

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