Protecting Against Insider Threat: A Novel Approach | Data Driven Investor

“41% of workers may bypass their company’s security policies. 57% say it’s the most efficient way to get work done.” — Dell Workforce Security TAP Report, 2018

Email-based data exfiltration accounts for 50% of all exfiltration methods observed. “The exfiltration of data over email continues to be the #1 exfiltration method” — Secureonix. Graph reproduced from the 2020 Securonix Insider Threat Report. Red highlights added to denote email exfiltration methods.
Technologies, like mxHero’s Mail2Cloud, provide server-side solutions that automatically convert attachments into cloud storage links without requiring end-user action.

When updating email-based file exchange with modern file-sharing technology, like cloud storage, the benefits are profound.



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