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The new DarkSide ransomware is considered the “perfect product” by its creators. The increasing sophistication of attackers challenges even the best-defended organizations.

A confluence of increased digitization, criminal impunity, and a dramatic increase in remote work has conspired to create a perfect storm for cyber vulnerability.

Yes, the house is burning

The use of email attachments generates a stunning 55,000 file duplicates on average per user per year.

The Best and Most Overlooked Action for Robust Cybersecurity

Instead of email attachments, share with cloud storage file links

File distribution by Email Attachments vs. Share Links. Attachments are copied every time email is stored & attachments are accessed. File links only copy when files are accessed. The scenario does not account for external systems copied (e.g., CRM) or copies created by forwarding to an external recipient’s email system.

Game-changing cybersecurity that costs you next to nothing

Solving the User Problem

Technologies, like mxHero’s Mail2Cloud, provide server-side solutions that automatically convert attachments into cloud storage links without requiring end-user action.

It takes a crisis

  1. Data breaches hitting more companies than ever
  2. Mandiant Security Effectiveness Report 2020
  3. 7 Tips for Effective Deception
  4. The Futility (And Hope) Of Cybersecurity In Today’s Organizations
  5. Our Dangerous Reliance On Email Attachments And What To Do About It
  6. Post-Pandemic Digitalization: Building a Human-Centric Cybersecurity Strategy

CEO MxHero Inc.

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Alex Panagides

Alex Panagides

CEO MxHero Inc.

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